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The brand

Piaggio became famous in 1946 with the production of scooters that were named Vespa (wasp).

Originally, Piaggio was a (war) aircraft manufacturer who was not allowed to build any aircraft after the Second World War. After all, Italy had collaborated with the Germans. That is why the Piaggio management decided to transform their production line into a scooter factory.

Many aircraft parts were initially used: for example, the front wheel was the nose wheel of the earlier planes, the engine was an adapted starter motor, etc. Soon these scooters - designed by Corradino dAscanio - were popular in post-war Italy, where there was a great need for simple means of transport. Vespa became a brand name.

In 1970, the Gilera brand joined the Piaggio group, followed by the Puch brand in 1987. Today, Vespa is not just a scooter anymore. A few years ago, the production of mopeds or stopped, but the Vespa mopeds are still very popular among the youth.

Today Vespa only produces scooters.
Vespa Piaggio has produced several models of mopeds, including the Ciao, Si, Bravo, Citta.

The Ciao and the Citta are still very popular today. There are several fan sites of these mopeds, including and on Facebook there are various forums including gilera citta loversss or Gilera Citta Club 

About citta

The Gilera Citta, also released in some countries as the Gilera Eco or EC1, is a moped produced between 1977 and 2002 by the Italian brand Piaggio / Gilera. It has an air-cooled 49cc two-stroke engine. The Citta uses a belt drive, unlike most other mopeds that are chain driven.


Different versions of the Gilera Citta have been released such as the Funny, Dizzy, Crazy, Route 66, Unplugged and Graffity. In 2000 a new model came onto the market. This can be recognized by the electric ignition, horn, brake light, and side reflectors on the back.


From 1982 it was for sale in the Netherlands first under the name Vespa Citta and later Gilera Citta. They were made in Antwerp until 2002.
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Here you see only my two own Gilera Citta"s this is my second Citta since 1998. The moped is easy to maintain and pleasant to drive, parts costs almost nothing.

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